The Rise and Fall of Ireland

Industries in Iceland

Iceland is agriculturally unproductive. And only 1 percent of their land area is used for cultivation. And that 1 percent is used for cultivationg potatoes and fodder root. But the biggest industry in Iceland's is fishing. And fish is the primary export product of Iceland. Iceland has a law that there is just a certain catch to maintain their fishing industry. And another industry in Iceland is strong energy. They have massive glaciers to provide huge amount of water to be turned into production of electricity. And they also have geothermal plants to produce electricity that supplies and warms up houses in Iceland. Currently, they have 3 geothermal power plants and they are planning to add more power plants in Iceland. And it is great to start a business in Iceland because they have efficient business environment and they also have educated and innovative labor force. Iceland has one of the lowest corporate tax in Europe. The clean ocean of Iceland made fishing it's number one export and the glaciers supplies water to the energy plants. Iceland has a great industry and it is great to open up a business.