The Rise and Fall of Ireland

The Great Government of Iceland

The government of Iceland is a parliamentary type of government. And they have the president as the head of state. The republic of Iceland was established in 1944 when they gained full independence from Denmark.Every four years, they elect their new President, members of the Althingi and local autohorities thourgh general elections. By the way Althingi is the national parliament of Iceland. And it is one of the oldest parliemantary system in the world. When it comes to the constitution of Iceland, they received their first constitution in 1874. Iceland's constitution has seven chapters with 79 articles. But before that Iceland's constituiton was revised seven times especially the human rights chapter of the constitution. Iceland's current president is Gudni Th. Johannesson. Truly Iceland's government is very strong. They have the best healthcare sysytem and it sa largely paid for by taxes. And in Iceland there is almost no private health insurance companies and there is no private hospitals and it is owned by the government. You can really see where your tax goes. And Iceland is a very safe country their crime rate is exceptionally low. Iceland's government is really doing it's job and it's paying off to the citizens.