The Rise and Fall of Ireland

Iceland's Fight with Soil Erosion

Many tourists visit Iceland because it is a beautiful country and it is is famous for it's unspoiled beauty and a there's really a lot of tourist attractions.And Iceland's water is one of the cleanest in the world. And they are an advocate in the fight against the pollution of oceans. They also have this quota system in fisheries which limits the allowable catch so that they can maintain and sustain the marine management. And they can see the result of that and it is amazing. But despite of that unspoiled beauty and marine protection there is one problem that they are trying to solve since 1907 and it is soil erosion. And it really affects the vegetation process of Iceland's soil. But now they are making a step to resolve the issue and they aim to revegetate 2 percent of the country's land area. And this will be Iceland's one and only priority to the environmental field. Iceland is a great country and they will surely resolve the issue of soil erosion and i hope they can make it.