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The Icelandic Language

Icelandic is the official language spoken in Iceland. And it is an Indo ? European language belonging to the sub group of of North Germanic languages . And it somehow similar to to Norwegian and Faroese But did you know that even though icelandic language has been the national language throughout the country’s history, it only became the official language back in 2011. And 97 percent of the people in Iceland still speaks native Icelandic language. And did you know that the Vikings used the Icelandic language before? Yes they did! For people who wants to learn Icelandic language would you believe that it is ranked one of the most hardest language to learn and yes it is true. So it can be really frustrating to learn the Icelandic language but it is really worth it. Language is really a way of communicating people from different countries and for us to understand them we need to know at least their basic phrases. Even though Icelandic language is one of the hardest to learn it is so exciting and interesting so don’t hesitate to learn the Icelandic language.